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Presents Ajarn Ohr Grand Master of Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Bangkok Ink Tattoo Group is pleased to announce we will be bringing Ajarn Ohr to the U.K. in the summer of 2019 at Happy Sailor tattoo studio London. We have not set a date yet but are in the planning phase and will make a date soon. So to our past customers and future customers please contact us for information at 

Below Ajarn Ohr Grand Master of Sak Yant Tattoo Thailand.

Thai Bamboo hand poke style tattooist and practicing Sak Yant Master Ajarn Aut work below

Our masters are the best Sak Yant Masters and Thai Bamboo tattooist artist we have seen to date and we have seen nearly all the work produced from Sak Yant masters who practice the art in Thailand. Our Ajarns, two of them work in Bangkok Ink tattoo studio on weekly rotor to produce, Thai tattoo Sak Yant style. They are all at the highest level of Bamboo tattoo / hand poked style tattooing.


My Sak Yant Story

My husband John had survived five full years in the Royal Navy, many runs ashore with his mates and a close encounter with a tattooist who refused to tattoo a very delicate part of his anatomy one drunken trip to  Malaysia. It came as no surprise to me that when I expressed my wish to get a tattoo several times over the years, he always came up with a good reason not to have one.

When we moved to Thailand to live during my contract teaching at the university there, I broached the subject again to him. I had seen an article and a website about Sak Yant sacred tattoos and it really interested me to read about their history and spiritual significance. However, he pointed out that my bosses would definitely frown on me getting one done while I worked at the university. I continued to browse the website designs, which were now on my book marks list on my computer. The designs were so intricate and beautiful , infused with meaning and magic. READ MORE

Hand Poke Tattoos

Hand Poke Bamboo style techniques has advanced over time and Bangkok Ink has worked with our three masters to make sure all the tattoos are done with hygienic Surgical Stainless Steel rods with new needles on every tattoo. We also import our ink directly from the manufactures Eternal Ink and  Dynamic Ink.

Represents 5 yant’s of magical spells. Yants are chants, or Kathas and the chants are performed, over and over to invoke a state of the mind. The mind can then create magical spells onto the Yants. They are chanted 108 times (108 means a lot in Thai, it’s a saying) before entering the high level of meditation. Each one will be done individually and the following magical spells have been cast on each line described below.

READ MORE      Unaalome

The circle at the bottom represents the life you live with the many earthly distractions we encounter in our daily lives. As long as you let these things control your life you will go around in circles.

READ MORE      Gao Yord

Controls all other Yants from the neck down and by having this you show respect to the master and you become a disciple of that master if you wish.


Paed Tidt 8 Directional Yant

Paed Tidt 8 directional Yant is a very interesting Sak Yant Thai tattoo. Many people like this one. It has been done many times at Bangkok Ink and at our masters Sam Nak’s


Below Sak Yant magical Ruesi mask which is used for casting of white magic spells


Lersi, Ruesi, Shamans, Hermit sages originated in the forests of India and Nepal many thousands of years ago. There is just a few left in Thailand who still follow the strict way of a Ruesi Lersi. We only know of one Ruesi or Lersi. They have to leave there worldly goods behind them. No money, car, motor bike, house or family. That means no children, wife or sex or alcohol. The list is quite long. Also you will see from images that they have long hair and always skinny due to the fact they do not cut there hair, just eat fruit and starve themselves for long periods of time, like fasting to focus there minds on meditation. It is believed that Lord Buddha was a prince of a rich royal family. Who left all that behind him on the journey of enlightenment and became a Lersi / Ruesi. Then he went on to start Buddhism which he found enlightenment through meditation but before that he starved himself near to death to experience enlightenment. READ MORE